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e-District is one of the Mission Mode Projects under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India. “e-District” project aims at integrated & seamless delivery of high volume citizen centric services through automation of workflow, backend digitization, integration and process re-design across participating departments, which are not part of any other Mission Mode Project. Initially, high volume citizen centric services will be taken up for implementation. Subsequently, new services will be added to the portfolio, once the demand for the initial set of enabled services increases. This project enables processing of these applications through workflow based system (back-end computerization). The Puducherry e-Governance Society functioning under the Directorate of Information Technology, Puducherry is the State Designated Agency for implementation of the e-District project in the Government of Puducherry. Under this project, around 73 services have been identified in consultation with the line Departments. These services have been categorized as 34 individual services and 7 workflow-based services covering the following departments :

  • Revenue & Disaster Management
  • Social Welfare
  • Women & Child Development
  • Adi-Dravidar Welfare
  • Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare
  • Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Industries & Commerce
  • Survey and Land Records
  • Revenue Court services of Sub-Collector offices (North and South)

The key objectives of e-District project :

  • Leveraging and utilizing the existing e-infrastructure, namely, State Data Centre, State wide Area Network, Common Services Centres optimally to deliver public services electronically to citizens at their door steps.
  • Undertake back-end automation of District and Tehsil level offices to ensure electronic delivery of high volume citizen centric services at the District level.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery by undertaking extensive Government Process Re-engineering.
  • Providing easy anywhere and anytime access to Government services to ensure reliability, efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  • Reducing number of visits of the citizens to a Government office for availing the services and thereby eliminating harassment.
  • Reducing administrative burden and service fulfilment time and cost for the Government, citizens and businesses.
  • Enhancing perception and image of the Government and its' constituent Departments.

List of Services under this project :

Sl. Department Name # List of Services
01 Agriculture (7) 01 Backend Subsidy for Paddy/Natural Calamities/Sugarcane Nursery Premium
02 Back end Subsidy for Agricultural Machinery & Farm Implements
03 Backend Subsidy for Horticultural Crops
04 Back end Subsidy for irrigation(Sprinkler/Drip/Pipeline/Tubewell/Dugwell & Motor)
05 Issue of Farmers Identity Card
06 Issue of Farm Inputs
07 Assistance to Agricultural labourers through PAWWS,Puducherry
02 Revenue & Disaster Management (6) 08 Issuance of Income Certificate
09 Issuance of Residence/ Nativity Certificate
10 Issuance of Caste/ Community Certificate
11 Issuance of Solvency Certificate
12 Issuance of Permanent Integrated Certificate
13 Rajiv Gandhi Social Security Scheme
03 Survey & Land Records (1) 14 Patta Transfer
04 Quasi Judicial Authorities
Dy. Collector
Director (Survey & Land Records)
15 Status Tracking of Cases including Litigation Information Mitigation System
05 Information Technology/A.R. Wing of DP&AR (2) 16 Information Services - Application for RTI
17 Grievance Redressal - Grievance Application Tracking under guarantee of delivery of services Act
06 Social Welfare (11) 18 Financial Assistance to disabled
19 Transport allowance to Physically handicapped persons
20 Fuel Subsidy to physically handicapped persons
21 Funeral expenses to physically handicapped persons
22 Obtaining ID Card for Disabled persons
23 Issue of Motorized Tricycle to Ortho Handicapped persons
24 Marriage Incentive/Assistance to PH & Normal and both disabled persons
25 Fresh Scholarship for the Physically handicapped students
26 Incentive to Eye Donors.
27 Issue of Prosthetic appliance to the differently abled Persons
28 Issue of Bus Pass to the Differently Abled Persons
07 Industries & Commerce (9)
29 Training Programs under Development of Handicrafts
30 Advanced Training program under Development of Handicrafts
31 Training program for development of coir industries
32 Advanced training program for development of Coir Industries
33 In-Plant Training (Industries and Service Oriented)
34 Vocational Training (Institution Oriented)
35 Advanced/ High Skilled Training
36 Training program for Development of Silk Industries
37 Assistance under motivation for Unemployed person
08 Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare (7) 38 Financial Assistance to mechanized boats during ban on fishing
39 Subsidy for auto carriers, Boats, Brackish Water, Aquarium tank
40 Input Subsidy for inland Fish culture
41 Old Age Pension for Fishermen
42 Cash awards to students
43 Subsidy of 75% towards reimbursement of annual premium paid for insuring of mechanized boats
44 Subsidy for Insulated icebox of the Fish Vendors
09 Adi-Dravidar Welfare (16)
45 Assistance for poor pregnant and lactating women
46 House Construction Subsidy
47 Assistance on construction of sanitary latrine
48 Funeral expenses for Adi Dravidar
49 Inter-caste Marriage
50 Marriage Assistance to poor bride marriage
51 Pre-matric Scholarship (including scholarship for children of parents in unclean occupation)
52 Post-matric Scholarship
53 Retention Scholarship to SC girl students
54 Dr. Ambedkar Financial Assistance scheme for SC students studying professional courses through CENTAC
55 Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Financial Assistance
56 Issuance of duplicate copy of House Site Patta
57 Name Transfer of House Site patta(within legal heirs)
58 Grant of Financial Assistance to the patients suffering from prolonged illness
59 Admission into Govt Boys/Girls Hostel
10 Women & Child Development (10)
60 Grant of Financial Assistance for performance of marriage of poor bride
61 Grant of Marriage Allowance towards marriage of daughter of destitute widows
62 Family having one/two girl child and parents who have undergone family planning
63 Parents having one girl child studying between 8th and 10th
64 Financial Assistance for Pregnant Women (Kulavilakku)
65 Financial Assistance for Lactating Women (Aravanaippu)
66 Incentive for Widow remarriage
67 Pension for Old Age and Widow
68 Funeral Assistance for Old Age Pensioners
11 Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare (2) 69 Sheep/ Goat Development Scheme
70 RKVY Elite - Three Dairy Farm Units
12 Education (3) 71 Incentive to students of Govt Schools
72 Digitization & Printing of Transfer/Conduct/Identity Certificates
73 Online application submission for Recognition of schools and its renewal
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