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IT Initiatives - Status

Puducherry State Wide Area Network (PSWAN)

  • Opted Option-II of the guidelines of the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India. As per this option:
    • NIC is the Network Operator for the initial period of five years plus extended one more year, viz., upto sixth year. From 01.03.2015 onwards the Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Puducherry has taken over the infrastructure from NIC and acting as the Network Operator with the help of FMS personnel deployed through one of the NICSI's empanelled vendor M/s. Wipro Ltd.
    • BSNL is the Bandwidth provider.
    • Puducherry e-Governance Society is the State Implementing Agency for the project.
  • PSWAN Project Implementation Committee was constituted.
  • Bill of Materials were approved and submitted to DIT, MCIT, Govt. of India.
  • Sanction obtained from DIT, MCIT, Govt. of India to the total project cost of ₹ 6.01 crores for the establishment of PSWAN.
  • Vertical Backbone Network connecting UT Centre with the Block Centres through District Centres comprising 12 PoPs was completed.
  • Established 148 Horizontal Connectivity from the PoP Centres to the Government offices.
  • Puducherry State Wide Area Network (PSWAN) was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 16-12-2009 at 11:00 am in the UT Centre, Chief Secretariat, Puducherry.
  • During Inauguration a multipoint video conference session was organized among the Regional Heads of the outlying regions at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Minister for Public Works & Information Technology and Hon’ble Minister for Public Health have interacted with the Regional Heads.
  • In Phase-I, prioritized 100 Horizontal Offices were connected and in Phase-II, around 48 additional Horizonal Offices were connected across the UT of Puducherry.
  • Government of India has proposed to implement a new project called National Information Infrastructure (NII) through which PSWAN connectivity can be extended to the left-out horizontal locations, all Government Schools and Colleges, Corporations / Committees. The NII infrastructure may replace the PSWAN infrastructure which includes integration of PSWAN, NKN, NOFN infrastructure.

State Data Centre (SDC)

  • Detailed Project Report prepared by the SDC consultant, M/s. PWC was forwarded to the Empowered Committee from Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India.
  • The Empowered Committee has approved the total project cost of ₹ 29.69 crores towards the setting up of SDC.
  • SDC Apex Committee was constituted to address problems and resolve issues pertaining to State Data Centre.
  • SDC Project Implementation Committee was constituted to oversee and to monitor the set-up and operationalization of SDC.
  • Composite Team for SDC was constituted for the operations and management of State Data Centre during implementation and post-implementation of the project.
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) for setting up of State Data Centre in the UT of Puducherry was floated.
  • The SDC Project Implementation Committee evaluated the technical and commercial bids submitted by the vendors.
  • M/s. Tata Consultancy Services is the Data Centre Operator (DCO).
  • SDC Site - Technopolis Campus at Pondicherry Engineering College, Kalapet, Pducherry.
  • State Data Centre was inaugurated on 26.2.2011.
  • M/s. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. is the Third Party Auditor (TPA).
  • Final Acceptance (FAT) completed.
    Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Phase has commenced from 01.05.2013.
  • Available OS Infrastructure - (i) Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition R2; and
    (ii) Red Hat Enterprise Linux [RHEL 6]
  • Available Database Infrastructure - (i) MS SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition; and
    (ii) Oracle 10g R2 Enterprise Edition
  • Available Internet Connectivity - (i) National Knowledge Network with 1 Gbps speed; (ii) BSNL Network with
    4 Mbps speed (backup); and (iii) Puducherry State Wide Area Network with 8 Mbps speed.
  • Disaster Recovery connectivity between Puducherry State Data Centre and National Data Centre, New Delhi has been established.
  • State Portal (SP) and Services Delivery Gateway (SSDG), alongwith 145 e-Forms pertaining to 15 Departments were hosted in SDC.
  • The following Government Data were migrated to SDC:
    (i) Registration; (ii) Birth & Death; and (iii) Land Records.
  • The following Departmental Applications were hosted in SDC:
    (i) Commercial Taxes; (ii) Local Administration; (iii) Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs;
    (iv) Information Technology; (v) Registration; (vi) Industries & Commerce; (vii) Employment Exchange;
    (viii) Police; and (ix) Puduvai Sevai - CSC.
  • The following Departmental Websites were hosted in SDC:
    (i) Raj Nivas; and (ii) Tourism.
  • CCTNS Application has been moved to SDC Production Environment.
  • Finance Department's application "Storage and Archival Solution for Finance (SAFE)" and Finance Portal are planned to be hosted in SDC.

Common Services Centres (CSC)

  • Detailed Project Report prepared by the National Level Service Agency, M/s. IL&FS was forwarded to the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Govt. of India.
  • DIT, MCIT, Govt. of India has approved the project cost of ₹ 70 lakhs.
  • Puducherry e-Governance Society was designated as State Designated Agency.
  • RFP was floated to identify the Service Centre Agency (SCA).
  • M/s. Tera Software, Hyderabad was selected as SCA and Master Service Agreement was signed.
  • 66 CSCs envisaged (44 Rural and 22 Urban).
  • 56 CSCs Rolled out (39 Rural and 17 Urban).
  • High Level Committee meeting held on 24.6.2010, under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary and reviewed the progress of the project and requested the SCA to expedite.
  • At present, the following G2C Services are being delivered through CSCs, in addition to few other G2B and B2B Services:
    • Issue of Birth Certificates and Death Certificates.
    • Issue of Patta Copy; Settlement Copy and FMB Sketch/Map.
    • K Forms and e-Payments are being delivered.
    • CSCs have facilitated Digital Literacy through NDLM. Around 13,187 citizens have registered, of which 7,313 have completed the exam.
    • Through Wi-Fi Choupal, "Smart Village" has been launched and the extension of the same to all 98 Gram Panchayats are in pipeline.
    • e-Stamping service has been launched in 3 CSCs in Puducherry region (located at (i) Kamaraj Salai, (ii) Lawspet, (iii) Villianur) and in 1 CSC in Mahe region (located at Hospital Road).
    • Aadhaar related services.
    • Commercial Taxes related services.
  • Issue of copy of registered documents and services of Elections Department are in pipeline.

State Services Delivery Gateway & State Portal (SSDG & SP)

  • Detailed Project Report prepared by M/s. PWC, on wet leased basis was sent to DIT, MCIT, New Delhi.
  • The project has been approved. The total project cost is ₹ 9.55 crores.
  • An amount of ₹ 3.12 crores has been released by DIT, MCIT, New Delhi to the Government of Puducherry.
  • M/s. PWC has been selected as the Consultant to the project from the Empanelment made by DIT, MCIT, New Delhi.
  • 37 Services were identified among 15 Departments. As-Is Analysis of these services were circulated to the Departments concerned.
  • One Day Workshop was conducted on To-Be Analysis with all 16 Departments. Commitments from the Departments were obtained.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) has been approved by the State Project Committee on 16.6.2010 and the consent of the DIT, MCIT, New Delhi was obtained.
  • RFP was floated among the four already empanelled Implementing Agencies on 9.7.2010.
  • Pre-Bid meeting was conducted on 21.7.2010.
  • Corrigendum to RFP was issued on 3.8.2010.
  • Technical proposals were opened on 17.8.2010.
  • Examination of technical proposals and technical presentation of the empanelled Implementing Agencies were held on 9.9.2010 and 13.9.2010.
  • Commercial proposals opened on 8.10.2010 and identified M/s. Infosys Technologies Ltd. as the Implementing Agency on L1 basis.
  • Letter of Intent was issued on 15.12.2010.
  • Kick-Off Meeting with the stake holders was conducted on 7.1.2011.
  • Contract signed with the Implementing Agency.
  • SRS signed-off by the Departments.
  • 144 e-Forms have been developed cutting across 15 Departments.
  • SSDG Application hosted in the SDC.
  • State Portal along with e-Forms pertaining to 5 Departments, viz., Revenue, Social Welfare, Labour, School Education and Higher & Technical Education were inaugurated on 11.2.2013.
  • e-Forms pertaining to 6 Departments, viz., Agriculture, Rural Development, Local Administration, Industries & Commerce, Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare, Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare were Gone Live on 19.6.2013.
  • e-Forms pertaining to the remaining 4 Departments, viz., Transport, Adi-Dravidar Welfare, Women & Child Development, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Go-Live on 18.9.2013.
  • Tamil version State Portal and Tamil version e-Forms of 13 Departments, viz., Revenue, Social Welfare, Labour, Agriculture, Rural Development, Local Administration, Industries & Commerce, Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare, Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare, Transport, Adi-Dravidar Welfare, Women & Child Development, Civil supplies and Consumer Affairs were Gone Live on 6.5.2014.
  • Help Desk of the project has been set up with Toll Free Number: 1800 425 5441.

Capacity Building (CB)

  • M/s. PricewaterhouseCoopers has been engaged as consultant for capacity building project at a cost of ₹  9,78,000/-.
  • E-Governance roadmap, capacity building roadmap and Detailed Project report prepared.
  • The reports were reviewed and submitted to Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India for funding support.
  • ₹ 1.82 Crores was received from DIT, MCIT, New Delhi.
  • State e-Governance Mission Team (SeMT) resources enforced the following task:
Department Status of the proposal
Electricity Project proposal submitted to concerned Department.
Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Public Works
Local Administration
Accounts & Treasuries
Transport Smart Card RFP prepared and floated.
Information Technology Preparation of SSDG&SP Project RFP, MMP Action Plan, Payment Gateway Concept Paper, Unicode Policy, Data Policy, IT Security Policy.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) to impart Quality Education in the area of ICT, to achieve the following:
    • To train Higher Education Teachers, Government Employees, IT Professionals;
    • To establish & Operate IT Finishing School to train on hardware and software skills for final year students, fresh Graduates of ICT;
    • Entrepreneurial Development Programs for ICT Graduates;
    • Skill Development Program for youth in the domain of ICT.

Trainings conducted under this project:

Sl. Year Name of the Course Course Duration No. of officials trained Trainer
01. User Expertise Course for Judicial Officers3 months14Pondicherry Engineering College
02. Information Security1 week30Pondicherry Engineering College
03. e-Governance Program for Executives1 year2Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India
04. Introducation to Security Management Systems2 days35STQC Directorate, Govt. of India, Chennai
05. RDBMS3 months19NIIT, Puducherry
06. Website/Web Applications3 months21NIIT, Puducherry
07. e-Governance Program for Executives1 year2Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India
08. e-Governance Leadership Meet [for MLAs]2 days30National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
09. e-Governance Project Life Cycle [for second level officers]5 days35National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
10. Cloud Computing [for IT officials]1 day40Computer Society of India (CSI)
11. e-Governance Life Cycle [for HoDs]2 days32National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
12. Business Module and Public-Private Partnership [for HoDs]2 days25National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
13. Government Process Re-Engineering [for Senior Level]3 days35National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
14. BOSS-Linux [for IT officials]1 day35Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
15. IPv6 Awareness Workshop [for Nodal Officers at Puducherry]1 day27Department of Telecommunications (DoT)
16. Certified Software Test Manager [for IT officials]4 days20STQC Directorate, Govt. of India, Chennai
17. Government Process Re-Engineering [for HoDs]2 days43National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
18. IPv6 Awareness Workshop [for Nodal Officers at Karaikal]1 day45Department of Telecommunications (DoT)
19. Network Concepts and SWAN Connectivity [for IT officials]3 days32Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
20. Project Management [for HoDs]2 days37National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)
21. Information Security Management [for IT officials]3 days41National Institute for Smart Governance (NiSG)

Apart from the trainings under Capacity Building project, this Directorate is also conducting "Three months part-time certificate course on OFFICE AUTOMATION" to the officials of the Government Departments, under State Fund, as follows:

Sl. Year No. of officials trained Trainer
150Pondicherry Engineering College
70Pondicherry Engineering College
40Bharathidasan College for Women
80Bharathidasan College for Women
80Pondicherry Institute for Co-operative Management
266Pondicherry Institute for Co-operative Management
200Pondicherry Institute for Co-operative Management
100Pondicherry Institute for Co-operative Management


  • Total cost of the e-District project is ₹ 1,206.37 lakhs (DeitY Share of ₹ 949.70 lakhs and ACA share of ₹ 256.67 lakhs).
  • Government of India has released an amount of ₹ 241.27 lakhs.
  • Puducherry e-Governance Society (PeGS) has been designated as State Designated Agency.
  • For better and efficient implementation of the project, District level e-Governance Societies, viz., Puducherry District e-Governance Society(PDeGS) and Karaikal District e-Governance Society(KDeGS) under the Chairmanship of District Collector have been setup, to assist in the implementation of the project at District Level.
  • District Level Project Managers were also deployed to assist in the project.
  • 73 Nos. of services covering 12 Departments, viz., Revenue, Survey & Land Records, Adi-Dravidar Welfare, Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare, Sub-Collector (Revenue), Education, Animal Husbandry & Animal Welfare, Agriculture, Industries & Commerce have been taken up.
  • M/s.KPMG is the State Project Management Unit.
  • M/s.CMS Computers Ltd., Chennai has been appointed as System Integrator (SI) of the project on 11.11.2014.
  • System Integrator will design, develop and implement the e-District project under the guidance of the State.
  • Go-Live is planned by the end of December 2015.
  • The following milestones are completed / under progress:
    • FRS Documents;
    • Application development is in advanced stage;
    • UAT is under progress.
  • The following other key roles of SI are under progress:
    • Data Digitization/conversion wherever required;
    • Training to the application users;
    • Provide centralized Help Desk support during Operations & Maintenance phase of 3 years (after implementation);
    • Deployment of Servers at State Data Centre;
    • Integration of e-District portal with SSDG, NSDG, Digital Locker, e-Pramaan, e-Taal.